Maintaining Your Roof

Roof Maintence

Strom Thurmund Building – Columbia, SC
(The roof was installed by Stanick in 2002)

Take Care of Your Roof

A roof is the most overlooked and neglected part of a building. It can also be the most costly when problems develop. Roof warranties require you to have at least semi-annual maintenance inspections along with documentation. No documentation and your warranty will no longer be valid. Do you know the condition of your roof? How much are you spending on repairs? How long will your roof last in it’s current condition? Wind, Rain, Hail and Ultraviolet Rays can deteriorate a roof and leave your facility vulnerable to the elements. Roof replacements can cost from a few dollars to over ten dollars per square foot. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent a small problem from becoming a big one.

  • What Should You Do?

    Call Stanick Sheet Metal and Roofing at (803) 798-2266 and we will provide you with: A detailed estimate for getting your roof back in tip top shape and keeping it free of all trash and debris to help you prevent unnecessary roof repairs; and Detailed reports of current problems, along with photographs and suggested options for keeping your roof in good condition.

Some of our Maintenance References are:

Ashland United Methodist Church Collier’s Keenan Foster Saad Development Saturn of Columbia
Bethel United Methodist Church Dial Dunlap & Associates, Inc. Greek Orthodox Church Security Federal Banks
Children’s World Day Cares Dr. Richard Wayburn Love Chevrolet Southern Mutual Church Insurance Co.
Park Street Baptist Church Riverland Hills Baptist Church Rosewood Baptist Church St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Thompson Funeral Home Toyota Center Wendy’s Restaurants Wilson Kibler

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